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Welcome to ChatChautari.com. This Nepali Chat community is the portal for Nepalese different chat platforms for free.

This nepali chat website will feature text chat, voice chat or audio chat and video chat of the best nepali chatting sites. We will provide you the list of nepali chat sites here in this page. On the chat options, you can join a chat room sharing your thoughts or have kurakani ( chit chat ) or share your nepali katha ( stories ). Also you can share nepali video clips or nepali movie video clips in the chat. You can have ramailo ( fun ) in the room but don't be offensive to others.

NepalChat.org Rules Section
Please don't use bad, abusive or harsh words to anyone. You will be counted as abuser for that.

Please respect Nepali girls or women in the chat.

This is not nepali sex chat but an adult chat, you can discuss anything that is not vulgar.

Your chat connection will be disclosed if you use don't follow the general chat rules or TOS.

Note: Rules can be changed, modified and added anytime consulting the chat room environment or behaviours.

Nepal Chat Platforms


ChatSansar.com is an oldest Nepali chat site. It is based on IRC. It is generally a text chat but you can also enjoy private video chat based on flash.

Quick Nepal Chat URL: www.ChatSansar.com/chat

 ChautariChat.com is the default chat room of this website. This features voice and video chat. You can broadcast yourself on the mic and private video cam. There are lots of emoticons and features.

Audio and Video Nepali Chat URL: www.ChautariChat.com/chat

 HamroChat.com is the advanced voice or audio and video chat. There are lots of features. 4 people can broadcast themselves on the mic or video cam at the same time as video conference.

Multi Voice and Video Chat URL: www.HamroChat.com/chat


 Nepal chat or Chat Chautari is an Android App for Nepal android chat application. This application works for android phones only is connected to ChatSansar. It is for smart mobile phone chat experience. You can it in Google Play Store as Nepal Chat.

URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.webbisswift.NepalMessenger&hl=en




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